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Leverage Your Soft Skills Like Hard Currency

Effective Leadership in Project Management requires skills that go beyond the technical expectations of the role. Guiding one or multiple teams simultaneously to successfully complete a project is a multi-faceted job rooted in interpersonal and communication skills. These are the skills that top-executives and managers in influential positions master: Strategic Communications, Stakeholders & Hidden Objections, Effective Presentations, and Tactful Negotiations.

The KSP team has developed a course bundle that is designed to elevate the professional influence of a Project Manager Leader through mastering the four core competencies. The Power Skill Bundle is for technical professionals looking to level up their leadership influence, their skill set marketability, as well as the performance of their teams. Get the in-depth scoop on each skill and why it's important from our blog: Soft Skills That Are Actually Hard Currency.

Pick Your Power

Get one module for FREE when you purchase the Bundle through the link below or pick-n-choose individual courses to improve the specific skill set competency your desire.

Stakeholder & Hidden Objections
2 segments, 29 minutes

Refine your skills to identify stakeholders in disguise. Amplify your stakeholder identification process to quickly and discreetly uncover objections holding you back from project success.

Tactful Negotiations
1 segment, 48 minutes

Develop negotiation tactics that leverage the impact and potential of your options. Learn how to use these skills to manage and maintain healthy relationships with your team and stakeholders.

Effective Presentations
4 segments, 60 minutes

Improve areas in your public speaking, presentation power, and team briefing to increase the comprehensibility and impact of your communication skills. Plan, deliver, and capitalize on your objectives.

Strategic Communications
2 segments, 42 minutes

Capitalize from the relationship between an organization's strategy and a particular project by understanding how this correlation affects team commitment. Achieve higher expectations and deliverables.

The Stats speak for themselves...

The time and energy you spend expanding your soft-skill competencies will give you the power to enter, exit, or shift career paths, industries, and organizations.

  • A 2021 America Succeeds discovery report, leveraging data of 82 Million job postings, revealed the critical importance of Durable Skills training for long-term success in the workplace.
  • A 2020 Business Insider article highlights the importance of fostering soft skills stating, "In the age of automation these skills are becoming more important. Although some tasks at work will be automated, soft skills like emotional intelligence and the ability to teach, won't be".
  • This 2019 LinkedIn report revealed that 89% of talent acquisition professionals said that most new talents don't work out due to lack of critical soft skills.

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