About Michael

Michael B Bender, MBA, PMP, CSM

Technology is always challenging – the rate of change alone can be both exciting and difficult.  In his career in information systems, Michael B. Bender has worked on projects as complicated as the Hubble Space Telescope and as delicately complex as air traffic control systems around the world. 

His teams were generally more focused and delivered faster. He was intrigued as his experience continued to span multiple project approaches, levels of complexity, and cultural/environmental concerns. 

What made teams’ high productivity levels, and corresponding high sanity levels and lower project costs, happen so repeatably?

Together, Michael worked with Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski, to codify, test, and deliver this leadership-centric style of project management to teams to improve productivity levels and reduce costs. His passion for team and organizational improvement continues as he works to help clients deliver faster, better, and while reducing costs.


Upcoming Events

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  • Web-based Leadership &Management Basics July 26, 2019 Virtual