3 Questions with YOU!

Learning from Leaders: A 3 Question Series for Those Looking to Evolve

"How did you do it?"

"You know, with hard work and determination!"

"Sure... but what did that look like? What steps did you actually take?"

Sure there are technical skills and certificates that aid in your success but we're more interested in learning about those soft-skills and personal experiences that have made the ultimate difference.

"Soft-skills" sounds like we're implying that they're optional. They're not. Interpersonal skills that empower you to manage stakeholder relationships and influence your team toward success are real and crucial. Our three questions series explores the real skills that move leaders toward achieving profitable results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

We invite you to share your story through a 3 Questions Interview with Kimi, emailing us at contactus@KSPPartnership.com to get started!

Our 3 Questions Series was born from the need to normalize the reality behind influential leadership and the journey it takes to get there. Our purpose was a deep-dive into the individual’s leadership journey and highlight what is far too often brushed aside in ‘Hustle-Culture’ mentality – the challenges, the failures, and the personal growth required to level up.

You can find a million vague tips-n-tricks and what-not-to-do’s promising career success while omitting the journey it took to get there. Hustle culture is not everything that it’s cracked out to be. 

We wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the leadership journey revealing how intertwined and dependent personal growth is to achieving professional goals. We wanted to get the real answer behind the question of “How did you do it?"


Absolutely! We welcome industry veterans as well as new professionals who have leadership experience to share. There is something important to learn in every stage and every industry.


KSP Founder and 3 Questions Series Host, Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski, develops a unique set of questions for each interviewee based on their career industry and professional role. You’ll need to schedule a 30-minute consultation prior to your interview to discuss the interview process and topics. 


The best way to support this series is by interacting with our videos and sending us interviewee referrals. If you are interested in being a guest on our 3 Questions with Leaders Series, or know someone who would be great for this, email at contactus@KSPPartnership.com.


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