Project Success

Project Success

What is the difference between project management and project success?

A trusted colleague of mine likes to say that a fool with a tool is still a fool.

Successful projects are not the result of just the tools of scheduling, risk management, and quality management.

Successful projects are the result of high-performing teams – ensembles, if you will. These can develop in several ways. One would be the natural evolution of an organization’s culture as the norms and marketplace dictate the growth and development of the operational culture.  Another – swifter - way is to encourage the evolution through education, coaching and reinforcement.

Implementing the 7 Key Success Parameters on a team by team basis can do more than accelerate the evolution of your organization. Implementing the 7 Key Success Parameters will shorten schedules, improve the quality of both the deliverable and the teams’ environment.

The highest performance comes when all key members of your teams – at all levels – embarks on this passage together and at the same time.

Ask yourself:

What is the impact of projects gone late or over budget?

How does conflict management gone wrong affect your teams?

What is needed to handle the change management to implement this?

And if you decide that the answers to these questions raise even more questions then call us – let us help you sort out the effort.

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