Most Informative… I’ve Received in Many Years

The most informative, well given instruction I’ve received in many years.

Well Versed

Michael Bender is well versed in the subject matter and is able to substantiate industry examples that pertain to a variety of situations.

Never Made the Material seem Boring!

Mr. Bender did a fantastic job of presenting the material in a way for people of all skill levels to understand. He was able to easily and effectively answer all of our questions, and never made the material seem boring!

Encourages Class Participation

Mr. Bender encourages class participation. I have learned from different experiences from the group. I will be able to apply the knowledge I have learned from the class to actual work environment.

Wealth of Working Knowledge

Michael Bender has a wealth of working knowledge of the subject, was engaging and really did a great job with the training!!

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