Strategy Programs

KSP “Top of the Mountain” Strategic Planning Program

Designed for organizations looking to initiate, update, or overhaul their strategic plans. We’ll be located in a beautiful, remote location where we’ll guide you through the highest levels of your strategic plan. You’ll develop/revisit your vision and mission, examine the internal capabilities, culture, and marketplace environment, and finally establish your Grand Strategies.

KSP Full Strategic Planning Program

Designed for organizations with solid vision, mission, and market focus strategies, we’ll walk you through the detailed strategic development. You’ll design your organization’s operating culture, establish high-level policies and procedures, and finally establish your strategic portfolio.

Sessions are scheduled to your needs, allowing time for your executive management to analyze, review, and fine-tune your strategy. Typical sessions include:

  • Establish/Review Grand Strategies
  • Establish/Review Organizational Culture
  • Establish/Review Strategic Policies
  • Establish/Review Strategic Project Portfolio

Strategy Seminars & Training

A robust strategic plan offers clear definition, aligns your resources toward common goals, and establishes consistent performance. KSP offers several training programs designed to help you create robust strategic plans that align culture and execution to produce rapid growth and high-quality results. 

KSP works with The Fatwood Group to ensure seminars and training programs employing advanced adult education that builds confidence and lasting improvements. 

Full seminar descriptions can be found at [strategic seminars landing page]
Seminars include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementing the Strategic Plan
  • Changing the Organization
  • Creating a Successful Organizational Culture

Strategy Consulting

Just looking for a confidential outside perspective or review of your strategic plan? Let us know what you need. We'll get in, get the job done, and get out. Some areas to consider include:

  • Overall plan review
  • Financial analysis
  • Cultural alignment
  • Change management 
  • Risk management
  • Resource analysis

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