Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching requires particular expertise. Organizational structure, strategic focus, culture, political realities, and management style affect each coaching situation, KSP understand the complex web executives face each day and have the unique ability to filer through the peripheral issues and locate specific opportunites for growth.
KSP's coaching style is positive, warm, and private. Wheather we're coaching a group or individaul, you have a confidential ear, an outside perspective, and proven philisophies backeding your strategies.
Our key focus points:

  • Organization definition
  • Aligning decision-making at all organizational levels
  • Maximizing performance of your most important resources
  • focusing the organization towards your strategy
  • Improve communication, focus, and workflow

Project & Process Management

Project and process managers face unusual challenges, as they need to coordinate activities of people from different departments and multiple bosses to accomplish their work. Our project, procea, and Scrum coaches understand the difficulties associated with organizational culture and team development in addition to the processes. Coaches are PMP and SCM certfied. 

Our key focus points:

  • Projects and processes align with organizational objectives
  • Scrum and "classical" project management share common themes allowing smooth migration and integration
  • All workflow strategies focus on deliverables and client satisfaction
  • Appropriate change is always welcome, inapproriate change is not
  • The team is your most important asset

Specialty Coaching

Sometimes you just find yourself in those unique situations and can use an extra perspective. We don't clain to be able to handle every situation. We know our strengths and we know our weaknesses. We won't set ourselves or you up to fail. Feel free to contact us in confidence and let us know what's going on. If we can help, we'll lay out our strategy; if we can't, we'll help you find the right coach.

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