Small Business Conference – 2017

Teams that Rise Above Disruption

Thank you for attending our presentation to the Small Business Conference. As a thank you, below you'll find downloadable copies of the slide presentation, including brief descriptions of the KSPs as well as a link to our Team MRI.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Cultural Improvement begins with the Belief System
  • The Key Success Parameters integrate to create Teams that Rise Above Disruption
  • The Fundamental KSPs are:
    1. Clear Definition
    2. Ownership
    3. Customer Focused Deliverables
    4. Collaborative Spirit

KSP's Team MRI Survey

Below is the link to our Team MRI Survey. Please complete the survey and we'll offer a brief analysis and actions you can take immediately to help improve your project teams.

Click Here to conduct your own team MRI. We'll analyse and forward your results directly to you. 


Slide Presentation Download and Related Information

Download the Slide Presentation: Click Here

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