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The Skills You Should Be Mastering

Effective Leadership in Project Management requires skills that go beyond the technical expectations of the role. Guiding one or multiple teams simultaneously to successfully complete a project is a multi-faceted job rooted in interpersonal and communication skills. These are the skills that top-executives and managers in influential positions master: Strategic Communications, Stakeholders & Hidden Objections, Effective Presentations, and Tactful Negotiations.


If you're ready to take the next step, we have developed a course bundle that is designed to elevate your professional influence by mastering these four core-competencies. The Power Skill Bundle is for Technical Professionals looking to level up the performance of their teams and personal career goals.

If you're interested in learning more about each topic in detail and why you should be focusing on improving your soft skills, take a look at our Soft Skills That Are Actually Hard Currency blog.

  • A 2021 America Succeeds discovery report, leveraging data of 82 Million job postings, revealed the critical importance of Durable Skills training for long-term success in the workplace.
  • A 2020 Business Insider article highlights the importance of fostering soft skills stating, "In the age of automation these skills are becoming more important. Although some tasks at work will be automated, soft skills like emotional intelligence and the ability to teach, won't be".
  • This 2019 LinkedIn report revealed that 89% of talent acquisition professionals said that most new talents don't work out due to lack of critical soft skills.

Power Skills Why and How

Here is what people are saying about the Power Skill Bundle

“Kimi is one of the top project management experts in the country. She has compiled her hard-earned wisdom and leadership expertise into The Power Skills Bundle. Kimi’s video lessons are concise, intelligent, and impactful. The Power Skills Bundle discusses all the essential competences needed to lead projects towards successful outcomes. If you are looking to sharpen your project leadership skills, this is the video series for you.”  -  Jolanta Pomiotlo - PRA, Senior Director of Technology

"I have worked with Kimi for 13 years and can attest that she is a great storyteller, speaker and teacher. She knows how to inspire success in both Project Managers and their teams. The power skill bundle courses contain essential abilities every Project Manager needs in their toolkit. Most importantly these topics are not your typical PMP classes as the content is immediately applicable and will enhance your ability to lead teams and work with stakeholders." - Candice Thompson MBA, PMP, CSM, SSBB, ITIL

“Kimi holds your attention with her simple approach of delivering great wisdom, not to mention her sense of humor.  She is a great speaker and storyteller.   The power skill bundle courses are approachable, digestible, and applicable. Most importantly these topics are so often overlooked in the PMP community but make a world of difference in the upward mobility of your career.” - Judy Balaban, PMP Past PMINJ Chapter President

“Kimi is engaging and insightful. She captivates the audience both intellectually and emotionally and delivers professional content informed by experience. Her videos provide excellent content with a pleasant viewing experience.” - Jeremy C. Bellah, Ph.D., PMP

“After spending most of my life as either a student or a teacher, I have decades of experience in what works and what doesn't.  Education starts with content, but there's so much more: visual variety, vocal variety, personality, humor, authenticity, and subject mastery.  And I can honestly think of precious few programs or presentations that can claim as high a level of competence and quality across the board as Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski's Power Skills Bundle.  If every leader and company would absorb this material, the business world would be transformed exponentially for the better.” - Yonason Goldson - The Ethics Ninja

“These sessions are straightforward, engaging with some great takeaways to assist project managers enhance their team leadership skills!” - John A. Page, LFHIMSS

"I have seen Kimi interacting with audiences of 500+ and audiences of 1, and her confident and conversational cadence has been remarkably effective with groups of any size. Sprinkling realistic and relatable examples throughout her presentations, Kimi consistently connects project outcomes with project manager skills, and explains in her teaching how thoughtful individual practices and behaviors can have meaningful and measurable impact on project performance." - David Vincenti, PMP

We know that one size does not fit all. You can pick and choose the topics that best apply to you and purchase each individually at $50.00 or the entire Power Skill Bundle of four topics for $150.

Targeted lessons with actionable suggestions on each topic – video time varies by topic depending on complexity

Stakeholder & Hidden Objections
Effective Presentations
Each project has a set of stakeholders that will directly influence the outcome, and as a project manager it is your responsibility to know who they are and what they want. Unfortunately, something that happens too often is missed stakeholders and hidden objections arising in unforeseen times.

‘Hidden Stakeholders and Unheard Objections’ is built to refine your skills in identifying stakeholders that might not be obvious. Using a simple technique, we teach you how to amplify your stakeholder identification process, as well as how to implement these skills to properly uncover objections and expectations that might not be in plain sight.
Virtual presentation skills have rapidly become crucial to master during the shift of working from home. It’s never been more challenging and simultaneously important to be able to captivate a room while both entertaining and influencing your audience.

‘You ARE a Public Speaker’ – it’s something that you do every day. We focus on specific areas of public speaking, presentation power, and team briefing to increase the comprehensibility and impact of your communication skills. Using our framework enables you to plan, deliver, and capitalize on your objectives.
Tactful Negotiations
Strategic Communications
Not everything is on the table during a negotiation. Discussions can start before the meeting is even scheduled. Learning how to see the concealed aspects of a negotiation will afford you the peace of mind necessary to make more cognizant decisions in your favor.

‘Don’t Leave it ON The Table’ is a valuable approach to negotiating based on making well-informed decisions. This framework for negotiating is straightforward and geared toward understanding the impact and potential of your options. Mastering your competency skills in this area is vital toward managing and maintaining healthy professional relationships with your team and additional stakeholders.
Early communications affect your project just as much as planned meetings later on. Understanding the role that communication plays in your project, team, and organization will help you identify the appropriate guidelines necessary to lead you to success.

‘Strategic Ties – Commitment and Communications’ addresses the critical role of the relationship between an organization’s strategy and a particular project, and how this correlation affects team commitment levels. Understanding these systems, which are already taking place, and managing their connectivity is the groundwork toward successfully achieving higher expectations and deliverables.

This means that the time and energy you spend expanding your competencies in the ‘soft skills’ give you the power to be able to enter, leave, or shift career paths, industries and organizations.

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to sharing educational content that is relevant and helpful.

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