Are Your 2020 Resolutions Mean to You?

Are Your 2020 Resolutions Mean to You?

Theme: Compassion

IDEO published an article called “Company Say, Company Do” about how the language we use affects the way that we behave – and therefore promotes or XXX the culture of our organization.

Don’t you think this probably happens on a personal, individual level as well?

In my new year’s message I wished everyone compassion, courage, comfort and curiosity – and stressed that we deserve compassion ourselves as well.  So, examine your intentions for the coming year – are they supportive or corrective? Are they encouraging you or mean to you?

Leadership driven project management is as much about the way you lead as the way your team manages the project. Interested in an assessment to establish the baseline of how your team currently operates, your team’s current culture? We’d love to offer you a free survey!

If you want to read IDEO’s full article you can find it here.

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