Meetings – Work Culture Death?

Meetings – Work Culture Death?

Meetings - Work Culture Death?

There is another term for death in work culture. That word is ‘meetings’.

You know I’m right. You just smiled. I don’t mean to suggest you haven’t had wonderfully productive, engaging meetings that took exactly the amount of time needed and gave all in attendance an energetic boost similar to a fruit smoothie.

You have had those meetings. But counting them only takes a few fingers.

There are zero reasons why a meeting has to be long, tedious and implicitly disrespectful of everyone’s time.

I’m not suggesting it has to be a wild ride. But it does have to be a participatory sport!

You can’t complain about a boring, tedious meeting if you’re making your shopping list or, even better, texting colleagues about what a boring meeting it is.

Unfun Fact: You may be part of the reason the meeting is a de facto torture chamber!

You have to find the edge of your seat in a meeting. It is not a time for multitasking. Meeting with your colleagues requires a single focus. It’s not just about respect (but that’s part of it), it’s about pushing the meeting to its close, topic by topic, minute by minute. Your time is valuable. The best way to make that clear is by leaning into the meeting.

If you’re chairing the meeting, then all the better. I once knew a man who survived a serious heart attack. Post-hospital stay, he was intently focused on not wasting his time as well as others. Being in one of his meetings was a joy. He kept everyone focused, politely managed people who repeated what had just been said and decided and moved quickly toward that wonderful agenda item called ‘Adjourn’.

They were meetings where everyone had to lean forward to keep up and were all the better for it.

Are your meetings bracing or boring? If they’re the latter, you can shift into a higher gear now!

If your team meetings are roadblocks rather than driving results we’d love to talk with you about a few practical things you can do –

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