Connections – That Count

Connections – That Count

Connections – That Count

Recently I watched a TV show about people who have been separated by circumstance. In the present day, one of them is now actively looking to reconnect.  It got me thinking. Some of these connections were made due to circumstances and, in some cases, a series of accidental or coincidental events. We can never tell which meetings with which people will become large influences in our lives.

Many of us have loads of connections – especially when you add in social media. But which ones are those that truly count?

I believe there is more than a good business rationale for getting out there and making new connections.  But then I wondered, how many of us view networking events as dreadful or at least nerve racking? So many new people, so many conversation starters needed, and meetings with the hope of starting relationships with……..

There is a different dynamic to connections we make in person – and that means a difference in our level of comfort as we go out there and begin.  Still, take comfort – there are others out there that are also uncomfortable. You can, if you’re up to helping as one way of working out your own nervousness, help them feel more comfortable by approaching them first. You might even just say “Hi – I’m a little nervous and you seemed to be easy to talk with….I’m _______, and you are?” One of the most human instincts allowing us to connect to begin with just might be rooted in a gesture to help put someone else at ease – a real and human generosity.

In each of the TV show’s episodes recording the marvelous meetings that changed lives there was a lovely nugget – not one of these people who had such a profound impact thought of themselves as heroes or someone who was unusual.  Each person was someone who did what they thought was right, what they thought mattered because of the kind of person they felt themselves to be.

Who are you when you’re the best version of you?

Have you thought about and reconnected with people who have made a difference for you?

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