Emotional Intelligence key to team effectiveness

Emotional Intelligence key to team effectiveness

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Emotional Intelligence key to team effectiveness

Working with clients in project management, I take a lot of notes based on what they tell me.

Here’s something you might not know. I also take notes on what they don’t say.

A shift in the chair, glances off to the right or left, or even playing with their pen: these are all important queues. How so? These are all crucial indicators that help me understand how effective I’m being at getting my message across.

The field of Emotional Intelligence is well documented. But a colleague of mine Yasar Ajlouni did a recent piece for the BA Times which looked at Emotional Process and how Emotional Intelligence can be used to create better dialogues.

Certainly understanding Emotional Intelligence can help with one’s understanding of another’s views. But Ajlouni also discusses how one can communicate for maximum effectiveness.

Aljouni identifies four primary skills of Emotional Intelligence. These include an ability to recognize emotions in yourself and in others, using emotions to facilitate thinking, understanding emotional meanings and managing emotions effectively.

At KSP Partnership, we understand that transforming project teams with our Key Success Parameters involves more than just teaching new ways of working and thinking. Ensuring that teams fully understand and are engaged also means that teams understand the relationship between words and body language. It also means being aware that how we engage is directly linked to how effective the transition to using our Key Success Parameters will be.

If you want to find out why our Key Success Parameters are key to increased team efficiency and profitability, please contact us.


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